Why don’t my custom blocks show on storefront?

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There are some reasons can cause this situation

The app block still isn’t added to your Checkout Editor

If you’re not seeing your custom blocks, it’s possible the app hasn’t been added to your checkout editor yet. Except for functions that activate automatically upon creation, other modifications with custom blocks require adding our app block to your checkout editor to appear.

The block ID not entered

Each block is created with a unique ID, you need to enter it to our app block in order to display the customizations. Otherwise, it will display the oldest active block from your list.

Display conditions might not be met

There might be some display rules that set for the entire block or some specific component to trigger them. Double-check those conditions to make sure all requirements have been met.

The block is currently inactive

The block might be moved to draft, so it cannot show up on the storefront. Go back to the app and ensure the status is active

If you have done everything above but it’s still not work, please contact our support team through email [email protected]

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Why don’t my custom blocks show on storefront?

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