Suggested Templates

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To simplify the process for users, we have created ready-to-go templates. These can be selected from the ‘Checkout Blocks’ tab or while in the ‘Custom Form Field’ settings.

Delivery instructions: Customers can provide specific details or special instructions to help shipper deliver your package to the right place and time.

Customer survey: Customer Survey Form helps you learn how customers hear about your business and understand which marketing channels are most effective and more.

Gift messages: Gift Message Form allows customers to send gift messages for recipients. You can also use this form to upsell by offering gift cards or other service.

FAQs: Quick access to common questions with regularly updated solutions, saving time for both customers and support teams.

Trust badges: Show symbols or icons on the checkout page to assure customers of secure and reliable transactions.

Customer reviews: Showcase feedback and testimonials from satisfied customers directly on the checkout page. This social proof can instill trust in potential buyers, encouraging them to complete their purchases confidently.

Icon with text: The Icon with Text template allows for visually appealing representations of key information on the checkout page. Whether highlighting special offers, important policies, or benefits.

Payment icons: Display Payment methods that supported in your store.

Another address: Let customers easily add and manage multiple shipping addresses for flexibility.

Refund policy: Outline the terms and conditions regarding refunds, providing transparency and clarity to customers.

Product offers: Promote exclusive deals and upsell at checkout to encourage additional purchases.

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Suggested Templates

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