Where is the captured information stored?

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When configuring the blocks, you have the option to select in the Functions tab where you’d like to store the collected data. You can save it to either the order’s attributes or metafields.

Apply value as checkout attribute

Save input value to customer’s order as an attribute

  • Attribute key: Enter the key to display your value
  • Note: If fields have the same key, the system will only save the last value in the form

Collected data will be saved as order attributes

Apply value as metafield

If you select this, the input value will be saved to customer’s order as a metafield

Let us give you an example: Choose the Effect type “Apply value as metafield” and fill Metafield key as “date-picker”

Now to make it show in your order details, you need to define a metafield first

Go to Store settings > Custom data > select Orders
Click Add definition
  • Name: Enter the name field to show in your orders
  • Namespace and key: checkout_craft.[your key] like “checkout_craft.date-example”
  • Select type: Single line text

Click Save and now you can test some orders to see if it’s working.

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Where is the captured information stored?

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